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Wine labels: Discovering the art behind the information


TODAY we want to talk about: EL HITO, LA ILDA, EL ÍDOLO and LA TORCA and also about VÍCTOR. We are going to talk about the ARTIST who has designed the wine labels of Camesía Bodegas del Alto Ebro... The world of wine is fascinating and complex, full of flavours and aromas that delight [...]

Wine labels: Discovering the art behind the information2023-08-25T10:41:10+00:00

The vine


If you are also passionate about the world of wine, don't miss this article about THE PLANT AND ITS FRUIT, we assure you that for the next harvest or tasting there will be no Vitis vinifera that will resist!!! The marvellous process of making Camesía wine begins with the vine, a plant that defies both [...]

The vine2023-08-25T10:41:32+00:00

The annual cycle of the vine


The life of the vine is marked by seasonal changes, i.e. by variations in the average temperature and humidity... WINTER ON THE VINE PRUNING + FERTILISER + SOIL + TREATMENT This cycle begins a few weeks after the grape harvest. The leaves have fallen until the structure of the vine is [...]

The annual cycle of the vine2023-08-25T10:43:17+00:00

The climate and soil of the vine


A living laboratory: the minerals in the soil in which it grows, the hours of sunshine, the humid breeze of the Ebro river... This living laboratory processes all these influences and converts them into aroma and taste. The vine is not a demanding plant: it needs little water, little food and can withstand extreme [...]

The climate and soil of the vine2023-08-25T10:43:49+00:00

Wine bottle


Bottles: transport and storage of wine It is used to transport and serve the wine. But the bottle is much more than that, it is the cradle where this living being is finally formed, where it slowly evolves until it reaches its fullness and offers us the best of itself. The bottling of wine, although [...]

Wine bottle2023-08-05T16:39:24+00:00

Wine production


HARVESTING + DESTEMMING AND CRUSHING + FERMENTATION + PRESSING + AGEING + RACKING AND CLARIFICATION + BOTTLING: WINE-MAKING CAMESIA The production of wine is a process halfway between technology and art, because making any wine is not too difficult, getting a good wine is a costly job that requires the utmost dedication. Strictly speaking, making [...]

Wine production2023-08-25T10:44:38+00:00

The cork


The final closure The cork, elastic and natural, does not allow the wine to escape from the bottle or oxygen to penetrate it. It is an ideal complement for the wine to be preserved correctly. But it is important to take care of it, as it does not last forever. If in the middle of [...]

The cork2023-08-25T10:45:07+00:00


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